Galipette is fine French cider of pure and vivacious fruit. Made from 100% fermented apple juice, or pur jus, the natural taste, aroma, and colour of apples are intact in every round bottle of Galipette. The name is the French word for somersault, a forward roll.

Crafted according to cider traditions dating back centuries, Galipette is pressed from cultivated cider apples hand picked from the lush green orchards of Northwest France. It is made locally with pride and patience to satisfy the modern taster.

Free of gluten and added sugar, Galipette is available as a refreshing Brut and the naturally sweeter Biologique.


Galipette Brut is made from 100% fermented apple juice, or pur jus, pressed of hand picked local cider apples in Brittany, France.

Never from concentrate, it’s prepared with pride according to French tradition. Galipette is naturally free from gluten, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Golden coloured, clear, and slightly sparkling, Galipette Brut has an unmistakable scent of rich apple, and a dry taste full of lively fruit.


Similar to Brut, Galipette Biologique is made from 100% fermented apple juice, or pur jus, and never from concentrate.

It originates from Normandy, France where the cider is crafted of hand picked organic cider apples and is naturally free from gluten, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Amber-toned, clear and slightly fizzy, Galipette Biologique gets it semi-sweet richness from the natural sugar of apples, creating a taste of pure fruit with a soft aroma of floral notes.


Made of 100% cider apples from France, Galipette 0% delivers aromas of crisp red apples with citrus notes. The all-natural, non-alcoholic drink balances bright acidity with gentle spiciness and refreshingly semi-sweet finish.

Like its cidre sisters, the golden amber hued Galipette 0% is naturally free from gluten and vegan friendly with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Our home

Galipette comes from the lush green orchards of Northwest France, where mild temperatures and the perfect balance of sun and frequent showers create conditions ideal for apple cultivation. Gentle summers ripen them, as fogs rise from the sea with a cool caressing humidity to moisten the hills, plains, and groves of the coastline.

Made with local knowledge and traditions dating back to the 8th century, Galipette ciders are made with unique methods from carefully selected apple varieties. The apples for both qualities come from specific areas only 100 kilometers in radius.

The home of Brut is in Brittany, where orchards flourish along the coast in shallow and draining schist soils. The unique dry yet fruity taste is crafted from varieties such as Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, and Judor.

Biologique is made in Normandy, where Carting, Sweet Moen, and Belle Fille de la Manche apples are grown organically in the silty clay soils of open country groves. These variants create a perfect semi-sweet cider with aromas especially rich in character.

The Process

Galipette is made from 100% fermented pure apple juice, according to Northwestern French traditions and a process perfected throughout centuries.



Cider apples are picked between September and December. Brut comes from Brittany and is made of Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, and Judor apples. Biologique is made in Normandy from varieties such as Carting, Sweet Moen, and Belle Fille de la Manche. All of the apples used are grown in rich local soil within areas only 100 kilometers in radius.



Carefully sorted and washed, the best apples are crushed with skins intact, and macerated briefly to bring out the aroma and colour of pure fruit.



The apples are pressed to extract the pulp, as the slow pressing cycle guarantees an optimal release of aroma.



An essential stage in the process, the highest quality juice is separated in tanks through an extended period of clarifying.



Fermented with patience, Galipette obtains its well-balanced flavour through an exceptionally long fermentation, during which the natural sugar of apples is transformed into alcohol.



For consistency and maintaining the highest of standards, Galipette is blended from several tanks to create a perfectly balanced cider. Water is never added.



Filtered carefully to keep the aromatic richness, cloudiness is removed to create clarity and sharpen the amber hue.



Bottled in the distinctive brown and slightly round bottles in cold temperature, Galipette becomes ready for enjoyment.

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